The Film

The film, produced by Ron Wyman of ZeroGravity Fims will be co-produced with Cindigo Films of Munich, Germany and the African segments directed by Désirée von Throtha, also from Munich.

"Fleuve Niger" will follow the development of Tunde's music from the recording studios in Bamako and London, to a world tour of the entire ensemble. The synthesis of classical and African themes, a genre' of music rarely explored, is mastered here by Tunde. The music will become the soundtrack to a journey through the magnificent region and cultures of the Niger River; Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria. Griots tell their,stories, explain ancient traditions and history, kept alive for generations through the music. The desert gives way to the River, and communities along the banks thrive, irrigating crops, fishing, transporting goods and people; in many regions this is the only water for a thousand miles.

The people know that "aman iman"; water is life. Many have been scorched by drought and famine losing animals, crops and family. The cultures are strong and robust but life is hard; they understand more than anybody the preciousness of water and they celebrate it. There are many languages along the river, all connected by music and its universal dialect. This is the metaphor of "Fleuve Niger"; that we are all related by an all embracing language and by the most essential element on earth, water.

The journey ends where it began, with the music ensemble onstage. African audiences dissolve into an audience at Carnegie Hall. As the musicians bow to applause, we fly over the River, with the sun shimmering in the water at sunset.