The Filmmakers


Cindigo Films of Berlin and Munich was founded in 2010 by Nicole and Philip Joens, specializing in feature length documentaries for cinema and broadcast.  Previously Nicole Joens was a creative editor for PBS programs including “Karajan in Salzburg” and “Distant Harmony” (Pavarotti in China).  Their latest production, “Woodstock in Timbuktu - The Art of Resistance” directed by Désirée von Throtha, has received worldwide acclaim.  They also have a film in post-production, “MaPa Solo”, as well as “Assouf - Home and exile” in pre-production.


Désirée Von Throtha is a renowned filmmaker, journalist and writer, who spends half of her time living in Munich and the other half in the territories of the south Sahara and West Africa.  She has published four books and several of her films have been broadcast on German television.  Her film “Woodstock in Timbuktu” has received several prestigious awards worldwide.

Producer/Director of Photography

Ron Wyman of ZeroGravity Films produced the films “Tunde” and “Agadez, the Music and the Rebellion”. He also produced the CD “Agadez” which brought the extraordinary Nigerien guitarist Bombino to the world stage winning critical acclaim world-wide.  He worked for sixteen years with CNN Political and is currently producing a documentary “Someplace Like America” with Pulitzer Prize winning author Dale Maharidge.